Chiang Mai is Thailand's fifth largest city (according to population size) and the capital of Chiang Mai province. Chiang Mai is located on the highest type of hilly terrain of Thailand. The city runs along the right bank of Ping river, one of the largest and most important tributaries of Chao Phraya river. Adjacent to Chiang Mai city, in the left bank of Ping river, there is Lamphun town (the township of Lamphun province). These two adjacent urban areas form the Chiang Mai Metropolitan Area. 

Chiangmai is about 700 kilometers north of Bangkok, an important urban area in northern Thailand. Chiangmai is peaceful with a cool climate and ideal terrain, suitable for tourist activities and it is also the metropolis of Chiang Mai province. Over the years, Chiang Mai has maintained the tradition of a famous handicraft center, producing products made of silk, wood, silver, and pottery, etc. This is Thailand's largest shopping center for handicrafts.

The most beautiful time in Chiang Mai is from November to March of the next year with the most pleasant weather season that in the morning and evening, it is cold and slightly sunny. This time also has many big festivals such as Loy Krathong, Yi Peng in November, February flower festival. Early in the year also time for sakura flowers blooming all the roads. Therefore, Chiang Mai around this time is very crowded with travelers.