Since 400 years ago, Hoi An has been a crowded trading port for merchants from all over the world, creating a diverse culture that reconciles Oriental and Western Culture. Nowadays, Hoi An is one of the rare ancient cities which still preserved its most sacred treasure.  In 1999, Hoi An was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Hoi An  is always the top choice for tourists in Vietnam for many reasons. This small town is an intersection of Oriental - Western Culture, the combination of the essence of Vietnam, China, Japan, and Europe in both the cuisine, architecture to the traditions of the local people. 

The best time to visit Hoi An is in the dry season lasting from January to July. On 14th lunar of every month, the ancient town is lit with sparkling and colorful lanterns. On that day, the old streets and two sides of Hoai River are filled with the melodies of traditional songs, folk games, and indispensable traditional dishes. 

The ancient and peaceful Hoi An always welcomes tourists from all over the world to come and explore.