Vang Vieng is a town on the bank of the Mekong river in Central Laos. This town is well known as a party site in Laos for years. There are many outdoor interesting activities for tourists such as mountain biking, trekking, kayaking, caving, swimming, and rock climbing.

There is a bus stop in the town on the journey from the capital of Vientiane to the World Heritage Site of Luang Prabang. Vang Vieng is heading to be a tourist destination in the center of Laos. Although the infrastructure of the town is poor, it owns the stunning scenery of the river and rock formations that bring you dreaming of Laos as a romantic and gorgeous country. 

Many tourists who have ever traveled around Southeast Asia, they have surely heard about tubing on the Nam Song River. There are many bars catering to tubers along the river that were opened by hedonistic backpackers. It is estimated there are about 20 bars lined along the bank of the river with pulsating music, drinking games, and drug-fuelled debauchery. However, unfortunately, there was an accident happening that killed 27 tourists while partying on the river in 2011. The local authorities forced to put restrictions on the volume of the bar’s music and remove riverside swings. In 2015, 5 bars have been allowed to reoperate to serve tourists.