Da Nang is located in the land of Quang (including Quang Nam and Quang Ngai provinces), where the ancient residents of Sa Huynh culture settled down thousands of years ago. The Quang Nam plateau had raised a famous wet rice and mulberry civilization. Sa Huynh people were not only the agricultural population but they also did the seafaring and commercial activities by boat which was rather developed at that time.

Today, Da Nang is a central city, located in the South Central region of Vietnam, which is also the center of economics, finance, politics, culture, tourism, society, education, training, science, technology, specialized medical of the Central Region - Central Highlands and the whole country. Da Nang is the most important city in Central Vietnam, one of the five central cities in Vietnam, and the city officially classified as class I along with Haiphong and Can Tho.

Da Nang is a city with great potential for tourism development, a major tourist center of the country. In 2016, Da Nang entered the top 10 destinations in Asia by readers of Smart Travel Asia magazine. In 2018, Da Nang has also shortlisted the destination everyone should visit before it becomes too famous on the Business Insider magazine. The ideal time to visit Da Nang is in the dry season from January to July. Especially, the most beautiful weather is from February to May that is extremely pleasant and cool with less rain, convenient for moving and exploring.